Elm Leaf Treatment Services

Do you need your Elm Tree treated form Elm Leaf Beatle in the Mornington Peninsula or Frankston, Dandenong Cranbourne areas

Elm Leaf Treatment Services

Elm Leaf Treatment Services in Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Patterson Lakes and The Mornington Peninsula.

We provide a range of services including stem / trunk injection. These treatments generally last three years and we offer a two year guarantee.

We are fully qualified arborist to maintain the health of your trees.

Common name  Species name  Susceptibility to Elm Beetle 
English Elm Ulmus procera  High
Scotch elm Ulmus glabra High
American elm Ulmus americana  Moderate
‘Homestead’ complex hybrid including
Ulmus carpinifolia,U. hollandica, and U. pumila 
‘Liberty’ group
American elms
Ulmus americana selections  Moderate
‘New Horizon’ and
‘Valley Forge’
American elms2
Ulmus americana selections  Moderate
‘Pioneer’ Ulmus glabra X U. carpinifolia  Moderate
Siberian elm Ulmus pumila  Moderate
‘Frontier’ Ulmus carpinifolia X U. parvifolia  Low
Chinese elm Ulmus parvifolia  Low
‘Prospector’ Ulmus wilsoniana selection  Low
zelkova Zelkova serrata  Low

We cover all these suburbs including

Elm Leaf Carrum Downs

Elm Leaf Seaford

Elm Leaf Patterson Lakes

Elm Leaf Braeside

Elm Leaf Mordialloc

Elm Leaf Parkdale

Elm Leaf Mentone

Elm Leaf Aspendale Gardens

Elm LeafBangholme

Elm Leaf Dandenong

Elm LeafNoble Park

Elm Leaf Springdale

Elm Leaf Clayton South

Elm Leaf Heatherton

Elm Leaf Oakleigh South

Elm Leaf Moorabbin

Elm Leaf Hampton

Elm Leaf Wheelers Hill and all areas around Melbourne



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