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Mount Eliza Tree Removal

Mount Eliza Tree Removal

Mount Eliza Tree Removal


Mount Eliza Tree Removal reflect a holistic approach to tree care that is based on sound knowledge, experience and arboricultural best practice from around the world.

The professional team at Mount Eliza Tree Removal hold Level 5 Qualified Arborists for Consultancy and Reports and minimum Level 3 Qualified Climbing Arborists for Pruning Works to Council Specifications and Australian Standards AS 4373 (2007) Pruning of Amenity Trees. Mount Eliza Tree Removal is a professional, friendly arborists offering the highest standard of tree removal and tree lopping services across The Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas around Mount Eliza.

Why Care For Trees in Mount Eliza?

  • Trees are the most massive, longest living organisms ever to grow on earth. Australia is home to the tallest flowering species of tree in the world. The Mountain Ash (or Eucalyptus regnans) has been recorded at 130 metres, and is second only to the Giant Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) for the tallest tree on the planet!
  • Trees have their own beauty and without their ‘softening’ qualities, colour (of foliage, bark and flower) and stature, our cities, towns and villages would be particularly bleak places.
  • Trees act as natural air-conditioners. Not only do they provide shade, the natural evaporation of water from their leaves cools and freshens the air around them. This knowledge has been utilised for centuries, with trees planted along roadsides and in parks in many of the worlds great cities (Bangkok; Kathmandu; Luang Prabang; Paris; Bath; Boston; Amsterdam and Vienna to name a few)
  • Trees significantly reduce wind-speeds (over a distance up to 20 times their height), while conversely buildings actually produce greater winds (by forcing the air around them).
  • Trees absorb pollutants like Carbon dioxide and Sulphur dioxide, and release Oxygen. It is calculated that a mature Oak tree ‘fixes’ or ‘locks down’ about 18kg of CO2 a year. Faster growing trees like eucalypts would absorb more.

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